Usewise is being developed by Miadria Group product development team. UseWise is a multi-cloud platform that will automate public cloud and help companies use public cloud easily and seamlessly.

In the next five years we see the world in which:

  • Companies will have easy access to the public cloud
  • Companies will stop suffering from the vendor lock-in in the public cloud
  • Companies will be able to use automation on 90% of the public cloud services in the multi-cloud manner and not be forced to engage consultants for those tasks
  • Companies will be able to mix and match various public cloud services and innovate without engaging consultants
  • In the spirit of the Internet public cloud vendors will open their APIs in a manner that will bring them all together and not compete for corporate users by breaking standards and preventing interoperability.

    UseWise will make all of this happen to bring the public cloud benefits to all the companies

Track our progress on the road to UseWise and install individual applications that we are developing -